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Can't access your account since you have forgotten your password
Don't panic, i 'll provide you the solution for it

Since if you have lost your administrator password you cannot install games, software, etc
which is frustrating

I'll show you the method to recover the admin account which is legal , it is some sort of hacking but a legal hacking.
Follow the steps you will get access to computer administrator account in no time

Just use this on your computer only if you lose the password really ,do not try this on any other computer
Just don't

Note that windows vista , windows 7 and 8 doesn't have administrator account

In Windows XP there was a separate account called addministrator account to which the password was setup during installation and was forgotten immediately
The this was not the worse if we cannot access the admin account we cannot any thing onto the PC through another available account since it doesn't give access to do that

Realizing this , Microsoft stopped enabling administrator account by default starting with windows vista. So, in Windows Vista, 7 and 8 the "Administrator" password is basically the password for your primary account – or any account set up to act as an Administrator.

So if you lose or forgot your password in windows vista , 7 or 8 you can recover it easily just follow the steps given below and you can access the account very easily

Recovering windows 8 online account

When we install Windows 8 we are asked to sign in using Microsoft account and those who have Microsoft account sign using their account and the password of there Microsoft account becomes their account password and if some one forgot the password they can recover it online
Microsoft has provided a feature through which we can recover our password

If you have forgot your password CLICK HERE
Enter your Microsoft account and you and give details as asked and you will get back your account which will change the administrator account password

Create a password recovery disk

This one requires some preparation
If you are prone to forget the password regularly it is worth it. you can create a password  recovery disk. you'll find the option to do so in control panel under user account and family safety .
In windows 8 directly search in start and you will get it

Just follow the instructions, and be sure to store the disk somewhere secure – anyone with it can easily access your system.

Recovering password using software

If you are not using windows 8 the above solution cannot be used
So there is a another method , we can use a software named Ophcrack to crack the password

Make a bootable CD or Pendrive using this software and run this Pendrive or CD during the PC start process and click the option as required and you will get the password back


Read  the instruction carefully of the software whether it work on your system and how to use it from HERE

Remove completely Windows password 

To remove the password of the forgotten password completely there is live CD available Offline NT Password And Registry Editor

This simple tool allows you to completely remove the password for any account on any system up to Windows 7.
All you need to do after that is log in, but be sure to set a new password – you don’t want to leave your system insecure.
Note that, if you use this tool, you’ll lose any files you encrypted using Windows. There’s no way around that,so sorry for that.


If you have some other password recovering software better than this feel free to leave the software name in the comment below
And Thank you for reading the post...

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