Posted by : Mayur Kasare Saturday, 17 August 2013

Do you do all money transaction online?

Are you sure that you are safe on to your PC that know one know your transactions codes or password ?
Are you sure that no one can hack your account and carry out illegal things

Be prepare and take precautions before you lose your earned money

Firstly keep you password of all your account such that no one can hack your account and if he/she are able to do so they then also cannot access your account

Secondly the browser which you will b using will save some information of your transaction or save your passwords
which if known by some unknown person will create a trouble for us

Some time KEYLOGGER is disaster for us- if it is installed on your computer
KEYLOGGER is a file installed by the hacker on to your PC smartly without your knowing and can get information of all the things you do on your computer from the process of you click any thing to the things that you type . he/ she will get each an all details of the computer process that you do after the key logger file installation

he/she will cheat you unknowingly , and may be he/she can be your friend or you may b knowing them but will not know what is going in his/her mind and what he/she is upto.

So today i'll give you a software to be safe and secure during online transaction

Bitdefender Safepay - It is a software where we can do all our transaction freely

Download the software and install it and you are free to go

Open the software you will find that the window will go black and new browser will open

Just go to the URL from where you want to carry out the transaction

After your transaction is over then press the red bottom on the upper left side corner to return back to the normal screen

You have to register your account to bitdefender and you are free to use the product

Bitdefender safepay is a actually a software which just freezes the background process for while
the process which is used for communication and the process which send information to the server continuously are being freezed out till our transaction is completed

Bitdefender Safepay is a security sandbox. When open, the software creates a walled-off environment which other programs can communicate with, which keeps your data safe from intrusion

The program also goes the extra mile by routing your online requests through a secure server, which is why Safepay can be used on an unsecured WiFi network.

Download Bitdefender safepay from here

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