Posted by : Mayur Kasare Saturday, 27 July 2013

Want to make money at home just using your internet on your PC

got bored out out home want to utilize the time by siting at home and earning some amount of money side by side without a hard work

check out this post

Read it carefully visit the sites given make a account where you want and START EARNING

Frankly speaking by sitting and doing work on internet is easy and not so hard but you have to put little bit efforts onto it and have to show some interest in what you do as if you lose interest the work you are doing will not profit you

A little bit of work is also required as we know money doesn't comes to anybody so easily except illegal things but that kind of money doesn't remains in the persons hands for long and he cannot enjoy that money for a longer period of time , as he will get caught someday

So moral is make money on internet is easy and less hard work is required and we have to show some interest in it

For making online money yo should have the following thing :-D

1. Internet connection

2.  willpower to sit at one place for longer time

3. a bank account

4. a PayPal, Payza etc account (i would recommend PayPal )

If you search on internet how to make online money you'll get thousand of sites assure you paying large amount by doing nothing just you have to make account and you 'll start earning.
All this things are fake
Just imagine nobody is sat there to give you the money without any work as it is
you will not get money without struggling

I'll provide you a guidelines and a site, go to the site- now you can make the account and start earning

The sites which i'll provide to you will ask you to do some projects, to type some article, SMSing , emailing and you even get paid for just viewing an advertisment etc

The amount paid to you depended on the work provided to you
the advertising viewing is the easiest of all but it takes time to earn large amount

So ready to earn money -

Submiting tutorials - want to make online money through youtube, upload your tutorial videos on youtube . there are lakhs on markting pepole on youtube searching for their need . just bring your video to that level that the need one wold notice that and calls you to advertiste their product which can earn you money

 Press Releases - The only press release site I use in my internet marketing strategy is they are free, rank very highly in the search engines, and I have seen some pretty good success using this website. The other press release sites out there I cannot vouch for because I am not real big into press releases but seems to work well for me. 

 Paid ads - I will periodically buy paid classified ads on the Warriorforum,, or pay $40 to post a warrior special offer. I will also buy text link ads on a few blogs with high traffic levels directing them back to my blog. Sometimes you have to spend a little money to make money. Internet marketing is an online business if you treat your internet marketing, or affiliate marketing ventures like a hobby you will make hobby money. ( not much lol ) If you treat your internet business like a business, you can make big money one day. Just be persistent, be willing to work, and learn all you can when you can! Remember the story of the race between the rabbit and the turtle? The slow persistent turtle won that race. Keep that mindset with your online business ventures and you will succeed and make a lot of money eventually. 

My Favorite Affiliate Programs Free To Sign Up. Find some Products, Or Services, Related To Your Blog, Or Website To Promote
1. Commission Junction 
2. Linkshare  
3. Clickbank  
4. Share-A-Sale 
5. Amazon 
6. Rapbank 
This sites will increase your product publicity and can be known to many which will indirectly increase your income and profits automatically

You can earn money by doing what the people want by visiting the following site

after visiting the site you'll notice that people want something to do for which if you do as they wanted you'll get paid for it
its an awesome way to earn

Paid to click(PTC)

Their are lots of PTC site on the internet which provide you money for just clicking the advertisement but i personally just like two sites

1. Neobux 

2 . Buxition 

3. Clickworkers 

Just visit the site make a account and start earning
for any help go to site ,after making a account, go to you account , you will find a help caption at the bottom right side of the page click it read instruction , see videos and start earning.


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