Posted by : Mayur Kasare Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Backup files in Windows 8

Windows 8 user want to keep your file safe make a backup of it and keep it safe
Just follow the steps given below and you can backup all your files and folders onto your Windows 8 PC

Backuping your file is good as if you delete some file bymistakely which if require to you in future, backup prove to be useful
You can restore the file and get it back

Follow the given steps
Step 1 : Go to Start Screen and type "File history" and click it

Step 2 : A File history window will appear now click "Turn on"

Step 3 : You can choose to “Recommend this drive to members of your homegroup.”  This will automatically share it with computers in your Homegroup so they can use it as a network backup location for File History.

Step 4 : You can set the backup as per your schedule go to "Advance settings" in the sidebar
set the setting as per your requirement

Step 5 : You can exclude and include the files and folder of the backup
click on "Exclude folder" from the sidebar and add the file or folder which you don't want a backup of it

If you want to include a file into you library just go to My Computer > click on Libraries  >then click on the "Manage Option" upward > now click "Manage Library" and include the folder you want

Restoring the file - 

If you accidentally delete a file and you want the file back

Just go to the folder containing the file and click the "History" button on the ribbon to view a history of files in that folder.

Now click the "restore personal files" link in the File History Control Panel(click the green Restore button at the bottom to restore the file to its original location.)

If you are a Windows 7 user CLICK HERE



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