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The copying file in windows 7 is quite good but some time its speed is slow and irritating sometime the entire process of copying stops and does  proceeds further and hang the PC out which can harm our PC external as well as software of the device

However the Microsoft has took the note of it and has increased the coping speed in windows  8 . it has improved the copying speed of Windows 7 to Windows 8 a lot

Use key board and mouse shortcuts to copy

As we know the coping shortcut of keyboard

  • Ctrl + C : copy selected
  • Ctrl + X : cut selected
  • Ctrl + V : paste selected

You can also right-click on a file or group of selected files, hold the mouse button down, drag it to a different location, then release the right mouse button.
This right-click drag-and-drop will open a special menu that allows you to easily choose whether you want to copy or move the files.
Left-click drag-and-drop will generally just move files, not give you an option to copy them. This trick allows you to copy files with a drag and drop.

Upgrade to Windows 8

As i discuss above the Microsoft has improve a lot in Windows 8 on copying speed.
inspite of installing a third party software upgrade your Windows to Windows 8 (if not) because the copying system of this OS is not less than any other third party software

so i would recommended that go for Windows 8 (if not) and you will get a great experience in new OS also


This is the best of all copying tool used in the PC.
It increases the speed of the computer copying speed to great extend
we can even pause the copying process and resume the process in any time
Teracopy supports in all OS
TeraCopy has shell integration, so it can seamlessly integrate with Windows Explorer — whenever you copy or move files, you'll see the TeraCopy dialog instead of the dialog integrated into Windows.
If you don't like this, you can also activate TeraCopy from the right-click menu in Windows Explorer when you need it and leave the shell integration disabled.
Note that the shell integration is off by default. To enable it, open TeraCopy, click the Menu button, select Preferences, and enable the Use TeraCopy as default file handler checkbox.
Download Teracopy from here

Use the Robocopy command in Batch Script

Starting with Windows Vista, Windows includes a command-line tool known as Robocopy, or “Robust File Copy.”
This command should copy files faster than Windows 7′s graphical file copy dialog.
If you’re an average user, you’ll probably want to stick with the graphical options — but command-line tools can be very flexible.
You can run the Robocopy command from a command prompt, but you could also write a batch script that uses the Robocopy command.
This is particularly useful if you need to perform the same file-copying command over and over. Instead of clicking around in Windows Explorer, you’d just need to double-click the batch file to run it.
You could even set up your batch script to run as a scheduled task, so it could function as a sort of do-it-yourself automated backup solution.
For more information on using Robocopy, read the Robocopy documentation on Microsoft’s website — it will give you a list of the many command-line options this tool supports.


If you have a better copying software than tera copy please leave the name of the software in the comment below

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