Posted by : Mayur Kasare Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Many people are facing a problem in internet connection speed.
as it can be a slow net connection or server of the net get down again and again.
there are many methods which speed up the net connection by 20 -30 % almost you can experience the speed by opening the browser.
There are many method to speed up our net connection but I use 4 methods specifically.
Today i will show you one method which will definitely increase the speed of the net by some percent.

we will just use a simple windows trick to speed up the connection

follow the steps told...

Step 1 - Go to start and click Run or press windows + R keys

Step 2 - NOW Type gpedit.msc and click OK
Now Local Group Policy will appear

Step 3 - Next navigate to "Administrative Templates" --->
"Network" --->
"QoS Packet Scheduler"

Step 4 - In "Qos Packet Scheduler Double" click on  "Limit reservable bandwitdh"
By double clicking "Limit reservable bandwitdh" box will appear

Step 5 - In "Limit reservable bandwitdh" make it "Enabled"
Then set "Bandwidth limit: "0".
Click OK.

Now the process is completed . just go to your browser and start surfing you will definitely find a difference in the speed ......

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  1. it works for me thank you very much !

    1. my pleasure ....

      Enjoy ... :-)
      have fun ........ :-)

  2. Replies
    1. i m also using windows 8...
      i have tried this procedure ....
      the same procedure can work on windows 8 too ....

      just try it step wise n u will get it.... :-) :-) :-)

      thank u... :-)

      for more queries leave a comment.... :-) :-)


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