Posted by : Mayur Kasare Sunday, 7 July 2013

There are many paid or free apps available on the internet which can be usefull  or many bugs will b present in the software which make it difficult to use
I'm gona show you how to hide a folder without using any software
here we will use cmd to hide a folder
following i have shown how to do it using screen shots follow that steps n u will b able to hide imp file or folders in it.

step 1 - In any of your drive right click on the mouse and create a folder name "Private" (you may use whatever name you want)

step 2- now go to cmd and type attrib +h +s "address of the folder"
eg- i have created a folder named Private in c drive it's address is C:\Private
so i will type in cmd attrib +h +s C:\Private and press enter

step 3- after you press enter you will see that the folder created has disappeared hence it get hidden

step 4- to get back that folder back you have to follow the same procedure but now in cmd you have to type
attrib -h -s "again same address of the folder"
here it will b attrib -h -s C:\Private

step 5 - you will get back folder back again

store as much as file you want n hide it again using step 2
If u want to go to the file without unhiding the folder go to the address bar type the address of the folder directly n u will get into the folder

note - always delete the history of the address bar n dont forget the name of the folder which you have given keep the name simple as possible

keep your imp matter safe
Enjoy hiding....!!!

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