Posted by : Mayur Kasare Thursday, 11 July 2013

Want to hide a secret message behind a photo...??

want to keep the message secret so that no one can crack it it keep it secret.....???

This process will keep you message secret among the ones to those you want to know....

This is amazing trick of secrecy

This process is called as steganography. This process is used by many people to keep data , message secret

Here also we will use cmd to combine image and a message.

Follow the steps

Step 1 - In any of the drive create a Folder (name it as you want)

Step 2 - Now in that folder copy a image which you want to use to hide the message

Step 3 - Now create a Text document and save it with a simple name

Step 4 - Now in that text document type your message which you want to hide

Step 5 - Save it again by pressing Ctrl+S

Step 6 - Now go to Start--> Run--> type cmd and press enter

Step 7 - Cmd screen will appear  Now type copy /b image.jpg+message.txt def.jpg
(image.jpg- image name that you have copied in the created folder
message.txt- text document name in which there is your message which you want to hide in that created folder)

Step 8 - hit Enter and you will get the required photo named as def.jpg in which your hidden message is there(ie. message get integrated with the photo)

Step 9 - Now delete the photo and message permanently which was used for this purpose and open the photo as notepad , as it will get open u will see the photo code, at the end of the code your message will b there that no one can image

(NOTE- In step 7 before writing the code go to the drive where you have created the folder
eg:- if you have created your folder in D drive in cmd first type cd D:\ and hit enter and now you can type the code given
and  if possible keep the name of the used image and text file to be different from every file onto your pc)


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